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chuckblairdaily's Journal

love, love, looooovvvvvvvvveee
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3-words-8-letters, bass/waldorf, best friends, blair and chuck, blair cornelia waldorf, blair talking dirty, blair waldorf, blair/chuck, blairwaldorf.com, butterflies, charles bartholomew bass, charles bass, chuck and blair, chuck bass, chuck/blair, couple-made-in-fashion-heaven, cute shoulder bumps, daily communities, damn that motherchucker!, deflowering, dethroning, ed sexwick, ed westwick, ed/leighton, edward westwick, emotional abuse(!), enormously-stubborn-pain-in-the-ass, friends with benefits, fuck-you-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on, gg, gossip girl, gossip girl gifs, gossip girl pics, gossip girl picspams, gossip girl quotes, happiness every day, happy feet, having sex onstage, i love you dearly, i'm chuck bass, i'm-grace-kelly-grace-kelly-is-me, i'm-the-crazy-bitch-around-here, i-love-it-when-you-talk-dirty, if-i-were-you-i-would've-rode-me-a-little-harder, in-penis-we-should-trust, kings of leon, l8n, leighton marissa claire meester, leighton meester, leighton/ed, love love love, love-her-but-can't-make-her-happy, more baaad, mother chucker, not-really-a-couple, not-shipping-blair-waldorf-with-everyone, other-uses-of-a-bidding-paddle, otp, our otp pwns yours, picspams, queen b, quotes, role playing, sacred limo sex, say-it-and-i'm-yours, scene stealers, scheming and plotting, secret missions, sex is sad, sexwick, spying on people, stupid bets, team cb, the limo scene, the non-judging breakfast club, the-chuck-and-blair-show, the-queen-and-the-dark-prince, waldass, waldorf/bass, we-have-it-we-feel-it, why-do-you-wear-so-much-purple?,